Red October

for me October is the most magical time to go outside and take some amazing photos, because as you know the trees, the weather is great, well not always but with some luck we can do some  great pictures, for this e-ssession y use my Film camera, Film is amazing has his own taste(beautiful) here some images hope you love it..

Wedding Planner | Kesh events photoshot

This Past Week I had the opportunity to do some photoshot for by the owner Akeshi. I think the first step to follow if you are getting married is to get a Wedding planner that way your Big day will be as you dream it. hero some images from the photoshot.


wow. what can I say about October. for me is magical at this time I did a wedding outdoors, the bad thing about Chicago you never know about the weather conditions so just hope for the mother nature to help us. that was the case this time, the weather was just perfect, the trees colors amazing not to mention the couple was amazing.